Romford: Vote for Angelina Leatherbarrow

Angelina - Square crop

Angelina Leatherbarrow is the Labour Party candidate for Romford in the 2017 General Election (June 8th). Angelina lives in Romford with a young family and works for the NHS. She has seen first-hand how Conservative-led austerity has affected our local services. Angelina will be the voice that Romford needs to protect us against further cuts. Here she tells us why young people should vote for her in Romford.

Register to vote by May 22nd

I want to be the MP for Romford so that I can be the start of a change here. The constituency has been neglected by a Tory MP who has voted in favour of education spending cuts, dropping EMA and govt funding to provide jobs to young people that have been long term unemployed. Our MP has voted against slowing the rise of rail fares at a time when we are all having to potentially travel further to work and study.

I want to reverse budget cuts to schools that are going to be so damaging to our young people. Some schools in the borough will be losing over £900 per year, per pupil!

I want to protect our NHS. Our local hospital is already stretched to meet the growing demands of our population, the staff give amazing care but now they need our support to continue to do so.

I campaigned to remain in the EU, I didn’t want to see the UK become isolated and separated from our closest neighbours. I want a UK is open and inclusive, that celebrates diversity and understands the value of being in the single market and continuing to allow our fellow Europeans to choose to live and work here, whilst we have the opportunities to experience living and working in the EU.

I think Romford deserves more – I want to represent Romford in Westminster, not the other way round!