Dagenham & Rainham: Vote for Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas is the Labour Party candidate foJon Cruddasr Dagenham & Rainham in the 2017 General Election (June 8th). Jon has been the Member of Parliament for Dagenham for the last 16 years and the MP for Dagenham & Rainham for the last 7 years. Throughout this time he has worked tirelessly on behalf on his constituents. Just recently Jon has shed light on the unacceptable poor conditions in housing developments in his constituency such as Orchard Village. He has campaigned to save the Civic Centre in Dagenham, local job centres in South Havering and for improved C2C rail services.

Here Jon tells us why young people should vote to re-elect him in Dagenham & Rainham.

Register to vote by May 22nd

Now more than ever we need strong independent minded MPs who will do what is right for the people they represent and for the country. Now more than ever is the time for our community to come together.

What have the Tories ever done for us in Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park?

The Tories tried to dump a super-prison in Rainham – twice! And twice I fought alongside you, taking local concerns to Number 10, Now instead of 2,000 prisoners we will have 2,800 homes for local people on the Beam Park site.

Don’t let the Tories concrete over South Havering!

They plan to build 30,000 new properties in the south of Havering without proper investment in services and infrastructure. I will fight to make sure they don’t try to dump them in Rainham or Elm Park.

The Tories have left our public services on their knees. Jobs are more insecure, pensions are under threat, and failing immigration policy is driving down wages.

Tory education cuts mean that our schools will lose £8.5m by 2020. That’s £528 per pupil.

My pledges to all the residents in South Havering include

  • Fight against cuts to our police
  • Safer roads outside our schools
  • Defend the NHS and social care
  • Protect Wennington Village Green
  • A better c2c service for residents
  • Get the best for Orchard Village
  • Protect Dover’s Farm Estate Green
  • The best Brexit deal for us
  • A strong voice for you in Parliament

I’m standing for you on my record of delivery across Dagenham and Rainham. I’m asking you to stand with me.